Is TRT Covered By Insurance In Maryland?

Yes, TRT can be covered by insurance in Maryland. However, obtaining approval can be challenging. Insurance companies typically require extensive documentation to justify the necessity of TRT. 

Patients must undergo thorough testing to confirm low testosterone levels, often needing multiple tests to rule out other potential causes of symptoms. 

Additionally, a regular doctor may not provide appropriate dosing or support to maximize your results from TRT. 

For this reason, many patients prefer to go through a men's health clinic instead. Men’s health clinics are typically better equipped for patients undergoing TRT, providing additional guidance, resources and protocols that would not be available through your primary care physician.

How Much Does TRT Cost In Maryland? (With and Without Insurance)

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) costs can vary significantly in Maryland depending on several factors:

  • Type of testosterone medication (injections, gels, patches)
  • Brand name vs generic medication
  • Dosage and frequency required
  • Whether you have health insurance coverage
  • Additional costs like doctor visits, lab tests, etc.

However, here are some typical cost estimates for TRT in Maryland:

Delivery MethodWithout InsuranceWith Insurance
Injections$150 - $200/month$10 - $50 copay/month
Gels/Creams$300 - $500/month$25 - $100 copay/month
PatchesAround $800/month$50 - $200 copay/month

How Can I Qualify For TRT In Maryland?

Medical Evaluation

Symptoms of Low Testosterone:

Common symptoms include fatigue, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, reduced muscle mass, increased body fat, and decreased bone density.

Blood Tests:

  • Free Testosterone Levels: Some guidelines also consider free testosterone levels. Normal ranges can vary, but a level below 5 ng/dL is typically considered low.
  • Timing of Blood Tests: Blood tests should be conducted in the morning, ideally between 7:00 and 10:00 AM, when testosterone levels are at their highest.

Additional Criteria

Medical History:

A thorough review of your medical history is necessary. Conditions such as pituitary gland disorders, testicular diseases, or certain genetic conditions can influence testosterone levels.

  • Physical Examination: A complete physical examination is required to assess overall health and rule out other potential causes of symptoms.
  • Exclusion of Other Conditions: Other potential causes of symptoms, such as thyroid disorders, sleep apnea, and depression, should be ruled out before starting TRT.

Age Considerations:

Age can be a factor, as testosterone levels naturally decline with age. However, significant symptoms and low testosterone levels are still required to qualify for TRT.

Insurance Requirements


Insurance companies often require detailed documentation, including: 

  • Records of symptoms
  • Results of blood tests showing low testosterone on at least two separate occasions
  • Notes from consultations and physical examinations

Specialist Evaluation:

In some cases, an evaluation by an endocrinologist or urologist may be required to confirm the diagnosis and recommend TRT.

Approval Process

Insurance Pre-Authorization:

Most insurance companies require pre-authorization before covering TRT. This involves submitting all relevant medical records and test results.


Regular follow-up appointments and blood tests are necessary to monitor the effectiveness of TRT and adjust dosages as needed.

Getting Started With TRT in Maryland

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